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What is a Boyfriend Application Form?

Are you trying to find a special man? Do you wonder how you can find him? Maybe you got lucky and met this incredible man who appears to be the greatest you've ever met. But you've made so many mistakes that you're not convinced it's worth a shot. Don’t stop trying. We have a solution for you. Thanks to CocoDoc, you can download a free boyfriend application form, customize it to fit your needs, and use it to gather information about your potential boyfriend.

A Boyfriend Application Form is a form that interested parties use to find a potential male partner that would be a good match for them. Among many other inquiries, you can ask about their interests, triggers, past relationships, view of life, and so on. Once filled and signed, you can evaluate the answers and decide whether he is suited to be your boyfriend.

Get, customize, and share our boyfriend application form with potential applicant’s which will help you screen potential candidates and eventually land yourself the perfect boyfriend.

What Does a Boyfriend Application Form Contain?

This official boyfriend application form is well-structured. The application form is three pages long and includes a series of questions that you must answer. Your answers will reveal your personality and behaviors, allowing your potential love partner to get to know you better and decide whether or not to pursue a committed relationship with you.

The first two sections of questions are devoted to basic information such as:

    • Full legal name
    • Age
    • Height & Weight measurements
    • Phone numbers
    • Home address
    • Hair and eye color

And so forth.

The preceding sections address "yes or no" questions or lines into which you can write your supporting arguments. The areas covered include relationship history, dating life, current employment status, why you'll make the best boyfriend, family status, favorite games, and other quirks. The applicant must sign the formal boyfriend application form, just like any other legal document.

How to Complete BF Form?

Before filling out the application form, read the warning note at the top of the page, plus the eight fillable sections. Make the process quick and effortless, using our comprehensive guide to properly fill out the boyfriend application form.

Follow below detailed step-by-step instructions:

Section 1: Provide applicant’s basic details

In the first section, you need to describe yourself. Start by filling in your full legal name, age, height, and weight. You also need to specify your eye color, measurements, natural and current hair color.

boyfriend application form

Section 2: Add your contact information

Proceed to enter your valid personal contacts including, cell phone number(s), email address, and home phone number.

boyfriend application form

Section 3: Answer the “yes or no” questions

The getting to know you section allows the potential girlfriend to learn more about the potential boyfriend. You should respond by marking the “yes or no” boxes and support your answer when necessary. Be honest with your answers to avoid building lies that might terminate your relationship in a flash. Here, you will find a set of inquiries like, “Can you cook? ” “ Do you live alone?” “Do you work out?” “What is your religion?” “ What’s your body count?” “Do you have kids?” “What is your source of income?” “Do you smoke or use any illegal substance?”, “What kind of car do you drive?” and much more.

boyfriend application form

Section 4: Explain why you are the perfect potential boyfriend

In this section of the boyfriend application form, you have to answer open-ended questions with statements explaining why she should pick you as her boyfriend. For instance, you have to describe what you want out of the relationship, plus a list of unique skills that makes you the best for this position.

Fill in the lines near each inquiry with the answers about your best wishes and thoughts.

boyfriend application form

Section 5: Describe your relationship background

Here you need to describe your past three relationships. Fill in the details, including start and end dates, whether you were in love and sexually active, and the reason for the breakup starting with the most recent relationship.

boyfriend application form

Section 6: Add References

Provide the names and contact details of three references that can confirm your answers and best describe your unique qualities.

boyfriend application form

Section 7: Embed your signature

Before signing the boyfriend application form, check the accuracy of your answers and if all questions are filled. Remember not to lie, since once submitted, the receiver will confirm the legitimacy of the responses via social media and other search engines.

If everything is correct, embed your signature and write the date when the application is signed.

boyfriend application form

When Do You Need a Boyfriend Application Form?

There are a few compelling reasons to use the boyfriend application form.

At some stage of a woman's life, she may need that special man. Well, she can use a boyfriend application form to ask the potential guy to apply for the boyfriend position. It might be a great way to land a special man in her life.

Filling out this form is one way to demonstrate your genuine affection and intentions of taking the relationship to the next level. Once filled out and signed, the document makes the relationship official and legally declares you her boyfriend. Eventually, both parties can feel secure in the relationship.

With the boyfriend application form, the potential girlfriend can learn more about the applicant. This metric can help decide whether or not this particular man is a good dating match. Inquiring about past relationships enables you to understand how they treated their ex and pick up any available red flags. Knowing someone's intentions beforehand can save you from dating the wrong person and a lot of heartache down the road.

Even more, dads can also ask their daughters’ boyfriends to fill out the boyfriend's application form. This type of father wants to guarantee that his daughter will be taken care of properly before even considering allowing them to date.

Who Needs to Fill the Boyfriend Application Form?

Are you interested in becoming a boyfriend? Individuals can apply to become boyfriends using the boyfriend application form. Applicants can fill out pertinent information such as their contact information, dating interests, and dating history on this form. The data gathered can be utilized to match potential partners together. Similarly, if the lady you're dating is hesitant, you might demonstrate your serious intentions by filling out such an application. Taking this step will reassure her of your intentions in the relationship.

Check out some of the various application PDF files that can be edited using our tool. Also, keep in mind that you can quickly upload, fill, edit, share, and e-sign any PDF form at CocoDoc. Not only do guys have to deal with boyfriend application forms, but potential girlfriends can also fill the girlfriend application forms. After all, it's a two-way street.

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